From Dating Site To The Phone

by Admin on February 28, 2012

Hey guys! Are you having a hard luck on calling the girl you date online? So, I guess this is all you need for moving from dating site to phone!

With the ever increasing expanse of the social networks and the various dating sites, online dating is like a regular phenomenon in every one’s lives and is at same time very exciting! Guys dating online mostly fumble or go wrong while trying to make a move out of the virtual cyber space into the real world. I would generally advice to mail and set-up a coffee at some place with your date. That is basically the easiest and the safest option to set-up date but there are certain guys who prefer to make a call and set up the date. So, today friends I would give you a few tips on it!


You need make the first call short and preferably sweet. Since you chat with the girl online regularly does not mean that you can have a long and intense phone call because that might just ruin the spark of the first face to face conversation. You just need to make sure that you are sweet enough so much so that she happily agrees for the date. Don’t babble out all that chit-chats which would help you know her better.

On the phone call, you need to speak only how much is required. Keep in mind that you are already impressive person(being your normal self and talking a bit less subtle and not too much is called being impressive). Try to keep things light and stock the good ones for the face to face meeting which would help you know her better.You have to ensure your safety as well as hers.

Online dating is a mostly place where you only get to read her biography and chat with her on text basis. So the duo can never be too sure of the person they are talking to. So try to play it safe and give her the most possible unimportant phone number or the best is to call from a public phone. On the other hand you should try to sound safe while on the phone and not intimidate the girl.

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There are about 80 million users around the world who are seeking the perfect connection on the Internet. So, setting up a dating profile that is attractive and sets you apart from the crowd is very necessary. Be sure to have an honest profile while being positive for successful online dating. The steps to follow are –

1. The picture you choose for setting up a dating profile should be a good one, clear and recent. You need to use a picture that compliments you without being misleading. Using an age old picture that makes you look years younger or takes 20 pounds away from your actual weight would not work when you meet the date in person.

2. An attractive headline that grabs and holds attention would definitely attract people. A personal phrase that relates to your search while being creative and fun. Your personality should shine through in the catchphrase that you use.

3. Your profile description should be unique to you. Typical statements should be avoided with general statements being preferred. Also try and specify the kind of person you are looking for.

4. Make a positive online dating profile and avoid negative undertones. Make a list of things you are looking for instead of the ones you wish to avoid. Your profile should present you a a positive minded person who is on the look out for like minded people.

5. Keep your options broader than your preference. The parameters should be wider than what you are actually looking for in order to not miss out on good opportunities. The perfect date will not work out unless you can choose from a few who fall short of your expectations too.

Setting up a dating profile is easy of you know hoe to go about it. Being honest with a positive attitude would definitely help you to find the perfect match.

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My Experience with the Entre Nous Network

by Admin on July 14, 2009

I wasn’t much of the dating type in my teen age hood-right through my “roaring 20’s”. I guess you can sort of call me a late bloomer.  I was shy, and I was insecure about my sexual dating preference& I found it very difficult meeting single men in the gay community.  I tried my hand at internet chat rooms but that was the worst thing anybody could do! To tell you the truth, putting my self out there in bars felt some what degrading to me as well.  It also doesn’t help that my career takes up a lot of time, preventing me from having a social life.

I have had several different relationships set up through friends-some were good some were terrible. I guess that’s the price we’ll pay for love.  As you can see I, like so many of you out there in the same boat, have tried almost every form of dating there is.  I felt like I was destined for failure in the love department. Then I saw an ad in the subway for the  and just had to see what they were about. After doing my research on their website, I came across the Personal Preference form and I knew that Entre Nous were professional leaders in the industry of Gay Dating.  Within a few days I was contacted by a representative to come in and meet with the relationship counselor.  I was nervous at first but they made me feel really comfortable in the interview process before joining the exclusive data base.

She let me know that all of the active members in the dating service were just like me and that meant a lot! They are all successful with their careers; they have a desire for a relationship that could possibly develop into something long term. The part that I was sold on was that they don’t just offer the service to everyone.  They have in-depth screening process that will determine if the is in fact the right service for you yourself.  They also use this tool to filter out singles that aren’t necessarily looking for life partner, but looking for a fling rather.  It really keeps the client base down to members that are worthy candidates for new singles to the service.

I believe it took me a couple phone calls from the matching department before I decided to take on date #1. He was a nice a guy but he wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.  Then I had a date with Alex and that was a step up from the first guy, but still couldn’t see us in it for the long haul. When date #5 came in to the coffee shop I was really caught off guard by how hot he was!

I mean, all I could think of was “why the heck is he single?”  Once we got deep into our conversation, we could both agree that this was the best blind date we’ve ever been on-so we decided to meet once a week after that.  We quickly went from seeing each other once a week to almost every day in a span of 3 months.


Flash forward to this awesome summer we’re just days into & I am happy to announce that we are a month away from moving in to our house! This all was made possible by the only gay dating service in Toronto, in Canada for that matter. Thank You, you have helped me & the other gazillion gay single men in this city find true love.

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One of the biggest negitive views that people have about online dating is that it’s “unnatural” or shows that you don’t have any social skills. While that may have been true sometime in the 1990′s I don’t think it holds any truth in 2009. Today we are living in a much faster paced world and and social networking and web 2.0 have shown that hey, it’s cool to meet new people online! Every now and then I get an email from somebody saying that they are meeting great people online but their friends and family are always taking a quick jab or joking around with them about looking for love online. The best piece of advice I can give them is to just ignore such statements and focus on what makes them happy.

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Moving from email to the phone

by Admin on May 8, 2009

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to online dating, how and when do you know to move the conversation from email to the phone? Well it’s a little complicated but the best advice I can give our readers is to wait until both of you are comfortable with one another, how will you know? Well you sort of just do. If you two haved moved on beyond “whats you’re favorite food” and instead are talking about “the most embarrasing moment for me was” then chances are you’re ready to move on from email and start talking on the phone. That’s not to say you have to go directly there, these days instant messaging and cell phone texting are a great intermediate step you can take.

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Avoiding fake profiles

by Admin on May 8, 2009

Everything has a downside to it and one of the biggest downsides of online dating is becoming a victem of fake profiles. I really don’t understand why people feel the need to pretend to be something they aren’t but what makes me mad is when people who use fake profiles think they can get away with it. Don’t they know that sooner or later the conversations will have to go beyond e-mail or the telephone? Don’t they realize that once a person finds out they aren’t really who they say they are that the person won’t be able to trust them anymore? Well enough of my anger, let’s get on to how you can avoid falling for these malicious users.

The first type of fake profile isn’t really that bad, but it’s still a lie. Of course i’m talking about the profiles who use pictures from 5 – 10 years ago and try to pass themselves off as still looking that way. The first obvious sign of an aged photograph should be the quality of the picture, these days digital cameras are everywhere and even cheap cell phones are capable of taking higher quality pictures than most disposable cameras. If a picture looks grainy or has poor color quality than chances are it was taken before the year 2004 and you’re dealing with an old photo.

The second type is much worse, and it’s the profile that uses somebody else picture when they look nothing like that. I honestly don’t know how these people expect to get away with it but one thing you can do to avoid this one is to ask if they have more photos of themselves. Typically these fake profile users will go on another dating site or social networking site and just grab 3 or 4 photos of a random person and then try to pass themselves off as them, when you ask for more photos chances are they won’t have any because they won’t remember from which other profile they took them from. If somebody is hesitant to provide you with more photos than it should be a warning sign that they may not be who they say they are.

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Does online dating work?

by Admin on May 8, 2009

To society online dating is still relitively new and unkown and the first question people seem to ask is “does it really work” and he answer is yes, but… Online dating is really no different than meeting people in your everyday life such as at the mall, a bar, or through mutual friends. The only real difference is that you don’t have that initial face to face contact which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you choose to percieve it. On the downside you don’t really get too much of a sense of a person through text alone, and as always there will be people who use older photos or even worse, photos that aren’t even of them! But on the upside you can find out so much information about a person through their profile alone, this allows you to search and filter through many more people than you ever would be able to in everyday life.

Now as far as results go, everybody will have a different experience with online dating. Some will see immediate “success” while others can’t seem to find anybody they connect with for what seems years and years. The best way to take advantage of online dating is not to set yourself up in a limited box, but see how far you’re able to expand yourself so that you can meet more and more people, if nothing else at least you’ll make new friends.

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